If you’re in the world of healthcare and you’ve found your way here, chances are you are grappling with this fuzzy, tangled, exhilarating world we call healthcare innovation. You also know there are others out there who are experiencing similar “joys and pains” along the way. The Innovation Learning Network is a place to push your thinking as an innovator by connecting with others, finding inspiration and sharing knowledge like never before.

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What we do

Here’s a glimpse at a few of the ways we create
opportunities to connect, share knowledge and gain

virtual sessions

The bulk of the sharing takes place during these sessions. Twice a month we hold hour-long “Virtual Thursday” webinars where we highlight an innovation or prototype, with a focus not just on the content, but on the “innovation journey” as well.

inperson meetings

There are a lot of great innovation conferences and symposiums out there. Our InPerson Meetings however are not conferences. They’re messy work meetings, where innovators learn skills and methods to push their thinking forward, and where lasting relationships are forged with other like-minded innovators.


Small, self-organizing project groups that come together around a shared interest in a content area. Past groups formed around topics like Personal Health Records, Ambulatory of the Future, CareAnyWhere and Innovation Culture & Competencies.

What’s New

Global Lab: Sourcing Innovations Around the World

At the Spring 2013 ILN InPerson Meeting, a collaborative made up of UCLA Health, Carolinas HealthCare, MIT, Health Plan Alliance, Avia, Boston University and Via Christi Health were awarded seed funding to create a “reverse engineering innovation lab.” No small undertaking, this powerhouse team of innovation-forward institutions aim to take proven innovations from around the world and reverse engineer them for testing in the United States. Stay tuned as we watch this group’s progress.

ILN Collection

Insights Vol. 8

Our annual publication, this year’s offering: The Blurry (R)evolution Issue.

Insights Vol. 7

Last year’s publication covering the scale and spread of innovation.


The result of an ILN
collaborative exploring the
current and future
landscape of telehealth.

Innovation with
Technologies in

A collection of implemented
innovations and some insights on how they did it.

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